Airbnb adopts new cleaning rules for a coronavirus world

Airbnb has become famous throughout the world because it provides many more options for customizability as well as pricing. It is giving intense competition to hotels, motels, and other rest houses from the hospitality industry. Without a doubt, Airbnb is slowly becoming a top priority for travelers throughout the world because it is convenient and highly affordable. Sure you can find a lot of Airbnb competitors following this link, however, with the novel coronavirus taking the world by storm, many businesses have shut down, and all the firms have to now opt for new and better strategies to ensure a hygienic and a corona-free environment. Even though many destinations are still inaccessible, and multiple routes are blocked owing to worldwide lockdown, many hospitality firms have started working on preparing for the new world.

Airbnb has also announced that new rules have been introduced for a corona free world. The new procedures have to implemented by all the apartments, houses, hotels, motels, and hostels registered under Airbnb; otherwise, they would not be allowed to host travelers under the name of the company.

The new procedures will be implemented soon so that the travelers and visitors can be assured of a safe, secure, and healthy stay. The guidelines have been developed after careful analysis and study by Dr. Vivek Murthy, the former U.S Surgeon General as well as the firm Ecolab, famous water and cleaning technology company.

All these procedures are in line with the guidelines provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Firstly, according to the new procedure, the cleaners will have to wait 24 hours after a guest checks out to enter a room. Airbnb also specified the number of other approved disinfectant solutions that will be used to clean to the rooms and the different surroundings. The hosts who rent their rooms and apartments will now have to sign up for the cleaning protocols and receive certification. Unless the place is not certified, it cannot host under the name of Airbnb. However, people who cannot commit to the protocols can also opt for three days between bookings. Wipes, Disinfecting Solutions, Sprays, Sanitizers, and Soaps will now be readily available at all outlets which look to host these guests. This has also become a necessity for other companies working in different markets throughout the world. Personal protective equipment like gloves and masks will also become a necessity, according to the new rules.

According to the new system, the places registered under Airbnb will now be ranked from 1-5 according to their cleanliness. Hence, travelers will find it easy to spot the areas that are following the guidelines strictly and therefore, are safe to visit and stay over. Airbnb is also currently working with new systems backed by help from professionals and medical experts that will make the overall experience much more engaging and secure.

There is no doubt that the world must gear up for the post-corona times, and proactive firms will likely benefit the most. It seems for now as if Airbnb is amongst those active firms.