Can Medicine Help with Alcohol Use Disorder?

Although treatments by medicines have been available for years, very few people benefit from them to reduce their addiction to alcohol. There are no advertisements on television that discuss these medications. General practitioners often avoid such drugs since the medical school did not adequately prepare them to prescribe or utilize them.


In addition to using rehab URP treatments, many drugs can help people quit drinking. Disulfiram is licensed by the FDA for the treatment of alcoholism and was the first of its kind. It alters the way your system digests alcohol after taking medicine. You’ll become ill if you take alcohol after taking medication. As a result, you’re likely to drink less alcohol.

Incorporating the drug into your daily routine is challenging, and many people are reluctant to use it to limit alcohol intake. People who start using the medicine usually end up stopping its usage as it is associated with many uncomfortable feelings, including nausea. Only people who are desperate to lose their drinking habits find the motivation to keep using the drug in the long term.


People who use the drugs will not experience any pleasure, which means they will not find any benefits in drinking. This makes it a very effective method of reducing the cravings for drinking for those who are excessively addicted to drinking. According to researchers, people find the drug more useful if they have already stopped drinking alcohol. It is available as a pill that people can take at home daily, or people can take it as an injection from their local healthcare providers every month.


It is another drug that has been successful in eradicating a lot of people’s excessive drinking problems. However, many people who are serious about reducing their alcohol intake find it very difficult to continue and begin to experience symptoms like anxiety and insomnia when they try to stop drinking. The drug effectively balances out nerve cells in the brain, preventing anxiety and insomnia.

One of the things people find very difficult with this drug usage is that you have to take a lot of doses in a single day. People have to take 2 to 3 medicines 3 times a day. People who are already taking many medications or who find it difficult to track when they should take one find it difficult to manage the excessive dosages daily. Another drawback with the pill is that it is best for people who have already stopped drinking alcohol.

Other medicines

Other drugs such as topiramate and gabapentin are also known to reduce a person’s urge to drink. Although the medicines are primarily used for patients with problems such as seizures, they are also effective in reducing a person’s cravings for alcohol. One of the most important things is to consult your doctor before you start using any of the medicines.


All those medicines are clinically proven to reduce a person’s urge to drink alcohol. The most important thing people must know is that the success of the drugs will depend upon their motivation to reduce the problem and find the solution to their excessive drinking habits.

It means the results of medicine used will vary from person to person. The most important thing is for people to change their behavior and understand the issues associated with excessive alcohol usage. Hopefully, by looking at the article, you can find some helpful information regarding limiting the intake of alcohol and finding the solution to your problem.