How to Use Instagram Shopping to Drive Product Sales?

The vast majority of users use Instagram to search for new products. The app has long ceased to be just a social network and has turned into a marketplace where people can buy goods.

What is Instagram Shopping


After Instagram launched the new Instagram Shopping feature, merchants can grow Instagram accounts, take them to the next level and turn their profile into a full-fledged online storefront. Instagram Shopping is a set of features that can be used to buy items from photos and videos on Instagram. In fact, Instagram Shopping is a mini version of a full-fledged website, where products have their own card, description, price, and size. And the products themselves can be divided into categories and separate catalogs and selections can be created. The account with connected Instagram Shopping has an activated tab “Shop”, and there is also an opportunity to mark products in posts and stories. The tool is suitable for the sale of any physical goods that do not belong to the category of prohibited. But for services, this tool will not work.

What is included in Instagram Shopping

A big plus of Instagram Shopping is its flexible settings, you have to understand them in order to know how to promote business on Instagram in 2022. Here, you can be imaginative and create any kind of product selection, including product descriptions and adding different photos that will attract subscribers. In general, you can adapt your Instagram store to a full-fledged website. The “Shop” tab in the profile or Instagram Shop is a product showcase within the platform. Users can click on the “Look Shop” page and see all the products the brand has tagged in publications. There’s also navigation to search for items within the store. Catalog or selection – these can be standard selections. For example, clothing, shoes, and accessories. Or a selection by subject: furniture for resorts, products for healthy eating. A product card with its description, price, and actual photos. Place a link to your site and a selection of other products under the information about the product. Product tags or shopping tags are marks of products in posts. On publications, they look like package icons. If you click on a product tag, the customer will be taken to a page with information about the item. So he can go to the site and buy the product. That is, the number of clicks is reduced and the client is not put off buying. Product stickers in Stories – this tool is similar to product tags. Products are marked not only in publications but in stories. After clicking on the sticker, the user is taken to the product card.

What will help to drive sales

Instagram Shopping has a checkout option within Instagram. Users can buy and pay directly in the app through Facebook Pay. No need to go to third-party platforms and sites. Another point you should pay attention to is the information about the product, which is listed on the product card. We don’t recommend leaving the card blank in the Instagram store. After all, this is the same site where the user wants to know everything about the product at once. Do not forget about the photos of the product. Try to take photos from different angles, zoom in on the details, and make a collage of the product photos. You can also upload a video. Instagram Shopping gives you that option. The more convenient the brand makes the store on Instagram, the easier it will be for the customer to find the right product and make a purchasing decision. So create different selections, tag products in posts, take photos of products from different angles, and don’t forget about accurate product descriptions.