Solid State Drive by Crucial

Crucial calls itself the storage expert. Crucial is a brand of Micron that distinguishes itself on the quality of products that they make over the past 40 years; their products stand out based on their quality and excellence they offer. In 2018 the Crucial achieved the speed of 2000 MB/s per second, which was 200 times faster than the first-ever SSD made by Crucial. The critical not only make SSD’s but also manufactures hardware and storage drive. Its most famous product MX500 ct1000mx500ssd1 comes with one TB data storage and lightning-fast reading speeds. Being a multiple-award-winning brand, Crucial has won various awards like 3 Editor’s Choice Awards, Recommended Award by FunnyKit, APH Renewal Award, Relax Tech Highly Recommended Award with Modder’s Recommended Hardware, and much more.


In 2016 Crucial turned 20, and it helped business people to run their device faster than ever before in 2014 Crucial Debuted with its website in China, Germany, and Japan. The DDR4 technology was introduced first by none other than Crucial. The company believes in creating a legacy for the people who buy their products.


Solid State Drive:

Solid-state drives are another product of Crucial. These Solid-state drives come with an Installation guide that helps to install them efficiently. These drives are the needs of modern-day computers and laptops. There are two installation guides. One is for the 2.5-inch installation, and the other is for the M.2 PCI-E installation. If you have never installed a hard drive before, then a step-by-step guide would help you to instal this SSD, and your computer would be faster than ever before.

The steps that make the installation include. Preparation, Cloning using Acronis, Installation of your SSD, along with the Setup of your SSD into your PC.


Variants and Types of SSD:

There are different variants of SSD by Crucial these include Crucial PS SSD, Crucial P1 SSD, Crucial P5 SSD, Crucial BX500 SSD, Crucial Portable X8 SSD, and Crucial MX500 SSD. If you want a portable SSD, then Crucial also offers a mobile cable for your laptop, you can plug and play your SSD anywhere, anytime you want. Micron is addressing the issue of environmental concerns and is paying heed towards the control of global pollution and global warming.  Crucial recycles most of its products to reduce the environmental hazard. The state-of-the-art technology is critical to addressing the ecological problems of the modern world. Crucial offers several benefits to people who recycle the products.


24/7 Customer Support:

Crucial is encouraging legislation and is expanding the responsibilities of the company. Crucial also provide 24/7 customer support to its consumers and has a warranty on their products. Their products are tested highly through stress testing. You can see the review of this SSD here.