The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

Each division of bedding has undergone a series of upgrades within the past decade. Be it the new customized pillows or the memory foam mattresses. The advent of newer technological advances is enabling our beds to be more restful than before. In addition to this new form of comfort are the weighted blankets, which have gained immense popularity recently. Weighted blankets are achieving greater recognition each day due to the benefits that its use may be able to reap from the constant use of this product. To start with, weighted blankets are exactly what their name suggests- heavy blankets (usually weighing 15 pounds or more), filled with a variety of tiny objects, for example, pellets, discs or glass, and plastic beads. For adult use, the weighted blankets may vary in weight from 10 to 30 pounds, whereas lighter versions exist in the kid’s weighted blankets.

The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

A dense weighted blanket can be more soothing, proving to be more advantageous for your health as compared to the lighter version. In order to provide the user with maximized benefits, the weighted blanket is designed, keeping in mind a plethora of factors that contribute to the vast solutions that it provides.

A state of stress enables your heart rate to increase majorly, and to cater to this; it is imperative for the heart rate to be lowered so that a feeling of calmness may be restored. This is the aim of the weighted blanket, which makes use of “pressure therapy”- a suitable amount of pressure may be used on your entire body, which induces a calm feeling which is similar to that of being hugged or held. The pressure felt by the weighted blankets helps curb anxiety as it turns your autonomic nervous system, which is in stress mode to the “rest” mode, which reduces the intensity of anxiety that the user may feel. It may also help people facing Autism as the pressure may avoid feelings of fatigue along with other similar feelings.

An overwhelming majority of people face issues going to sleep every day. This may be caused due to sleep disorders such as insomnia, which are a result of stress and anxiety in the first place. However, the pressure exerted by the weighted blankets calms your heart rate and, thus, your stress levels, resulting in long hours of sleep.

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) face issues with self-control as they are unable to focus on anything taking place in front of them, but the weight of these blankets activates a sense of touch which keeps away from being distracted by the presence of other sensory stimuli. The kids weighted blankets may thus boost their attention levels and help them improve from fidgeting or losing focus.


To keep those exhausting sleepless nights away or to enhance levels of attention, focus, and calmness, weighted blankets are the answer for you as they are your shield in solving all these problems for you!