What Are the Benefits of Dietary Supplements?

Did you know that 3 out of 5 Americans include supplements in their diet? A lot of people, whenever they go for medical check-ups, they are enrolled into supplements by the doctor for their general well-being. Some people also willingly incorporate these boosters among their family members, depending on whom they benefit.

Below are some benefits of including dietary supplements in a diet.

Provide nutrients

Pregnant women, during their first clinic visit, are encouraged to take folic acid supplements. This is to boost zinc production in their bodies. Zinc is important for the development of the fetus and DNA generation.

Boost immunity

During this coronavirus period, medical caregivers are encouraging everyone to take vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C is known to boost immunity, which in turn helps the body in fighting infections and other diseases.

Vitamin C can be found in fruits such as oranges, lime, and tangerine. It can also be found in greens such as kales, spinach, and lettuce.

 Complement medical treatment plans

Some diseases such as arthritis require one to take supplements that reduce swelling caused by inflammation. On top of drugs, one is encouraged to take msm. It is also effective in supplementing the medication for other illnesses such as skin illnesses, gastrointestinal, cancer, HIV, high blood pressure, and lung infections.

Msm can be found in milk, coffee, and corn in small amounts. Just like any other supplement, it has its benefits and side effects. Pregnant women and lactating moms are discouraged from its consumption.

Improve general body functioning

The body goes through metabolic processes every time. Such processes are digestion, breathing, and respiration. To boost the effective functioning of the body, supplements such as cod liver oil found in fish are important. The benefit of cod liver oil is it can be taken by both children and old people.

FAQs about dietary supplements

Do dietary supplements have negative side effects?

Unfortunately, yes. Supplements can cause increased heartbeat, leading to high blood pressure. Some people complain of having a metallic taste in the mouth, causing discomfort. Doctors caution someone against taking too many supplements, as the side effects increase when someone takes them in plenty.

What forms can dietary supplements be taken?

There are traditional and artificial supplements. Traditional ones include fresh harvested spirulina powder, corn seeds oil, and healthy algae. Artificial supplements on the other hand are made in the lab and sold as tablets, powders, or liquid medicine either at the hospital or over the counter.

How safe are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are safe if taken in the right amounts at the right time. For example, a pregnant woman is encouraged to take specific types of supplements, at the same time discouraged against taking some supplements. If they go against the prescribed medication, they put both themselves and the baby at risk.

Who benefits from dietary supplements?

Anyone with a certain deficiency can benefit from the prescribed supplement. Some supplements are not prescribed to anyone but are good for the general well-being.