What Is the Average Settlement for a Pedestrian Hit By a Car?

The number of pedestrian accidents globally is on the rise and this means more people are nursing injuries that affect their daily lives. Despite taking precautionary measures by both the pedestrians and drivers, these accidents still occur. However, do you know that you can seel legal justice from a law form such as https://www.jaeleelaw.com/ and be compensated for the injuries and the losses you face?

Sadly some accidents lead to paralysis or even deaths. Some are unable to provide for themselves a livelihood, some experience job loss, and others need home care after accidents.

Who provides compensation to the pedestrian after an accident?

An insurance company compensates the pedestrian if they case a file demanding compensation. The rate of compensation varies depending on the damage caused.  If the medical bills are yet to be paid, an insurance company can clear the bill fully or partly.

If the victim of the accident was hurt and lost their jobs due to the injuries that occurred, the company compensated for their professional career and salary.

At times, if the injuries are minimal, and the driver admits to being in the wrong when the accident occurred, they can cater for the medical bills and offer minimal compensation.

How will the compensation be determined?

This depends on your attorney or law firm. Jae Lee Law ensures one gets the right compensation to cater for the suffering and time loss incurred.

Some judges will request you be compensated thrice your income depending on the effect of the injury, treatment plan, and treatment bills. However, some firms may offer lower than that depending on your conditions. A compensation calculator is used in such cases until the desired solution is given.

Ensure you contact your lawyer immediately to avoid taking a long time to get your compensation.

What types of compensation can a pedestrian get if hit by a car?

Medical bill compensation

If your bills need to be settled or need compensation for the money used to pay medical bills.

Lost wages compensation

In case you lose your job and unable to earn anymore due to a condition caused by the accident.

Loss of income and career compensation

In case you took time off your job and lost time that could have earned you some extra income.

Funeral expenses

In case you lost a relative or friend and want their funeral to be catered for.

Pain and suffering compensation

Some injuries cause severe pain making the victim suffer and should be compensated for this.

Mental instability and trauma

Some people make it hard to believe their lives have been altered by the accident and go through mental trauma. Such persons should be compensated to help their families pay for medical bills incurred.


Does a pedestrian need to have suffered major injuries to be compensated?

No. A pedestrian can request compensation even with minor injuries especially if the other road user was on the wrong.

What is the average compensation a pedestrian can get?

An average settlement offered to a pedestrian hit by a car is $14,000 to $28,000. The rate might be higher if the driver was under the influence of a substance or on the wrong side of the road.

In conclusion, reach out to an attorney in case you need compensation for any accident or injury when using the road.