What can you expect from a quality Instagram Management Service

The stress and worry that comes with putting one’s business on social media, especially on Instagram often dampens the idea of social media marketing. For most business owners, uploading contents daily or hourly and coming online to respond to comments made by followers is the most boring and time-consuming part of their business. That is where Instagram Management Service comes in. Simply put, it is a professional service that creates relevant contents for your account, helps to grow your audience, and does everything possible to promote your brand’s Instagram presence and reports back to you. They use Instagram organic growth procedures to increase the number of followers and heighten their engagement. Fast forwarding a bit, let’s say you already know about this service, and you have wholeheartedly agreed that it’s the best solution to increasing your brand’s Instagram presence without consuming your time, now the question on what you should expect from an Instagram manager when you employ one pops up. This article will highlight what an Instagram Management service is all about and what to expect of them when you hire them. 

What your Instagram manager should be able to do.

  • Identify your customers: If you haven’t identified the type of customer that will be most likely to patronize you, then this should be one of the first jobs of an Instagram manager. Also, a good Instagram manager should be able to tell you if Instagram is the best social media for your business, this is because Instagram is not suitable for all businesses. If it’s not, he should be able to tell you which social media platform is best for you. Here is a list of very good Instagram managers you can find on Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com/gigs/instagram-management
  • Content research: it is the duty of an Instagram manager to research content that is both captivating and relevant to your business. A good Instagram manager should be able to come up with content ideas that would interest your audience and is still in line with your brand values. Also, a good Instagram manager should be able to determine which time to post these contents to get maximum attention from your customers. This can be done by utilizing the tools provided for Instagram business accounts. In addition to this, an Instagram manager should create a content uploading schedule. This schedule or outline will ensure that the contents are not uploaded too often or too far apart. 
  • Create relevant hashtags: Therefore, an Instagram manager should be able to come up with at least 20 hashtags that relate to your brand and use them moderately in every post.
  • Manage brand partnership. A good Instagram manager should be organized and by doing so, be able to manage your brand’s partnership with other brands. Equally, he/she should be able to intelligently reply to all comments made to every post, while putting in mind that creating a good relationship with the customer is paramount.
  • Report back to you: a good Instagram manager should always remember that the account he is managing is not his, and therefore should seek the permission of the account owner before implementing any strategy on the account. Moreover, a good Instagram manager should give a weekly or monthly report to the account owner.